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Plastics Capital’s strategy is to build shareholder value by continuing to grow its key businesses organically and through value enhancing acquisitions.

Organic growth will be driven through three key growth themes:

  • Customer development - our businesses have many blue chip customer relationships but frequently only in one customer location or operating unit.  We believe that there are excellent opportunities associated in penetrating this further.  We constantly monitor the number of new key accounts the business wins; we define a key account as a customer with an annual sales potential > £100k
  • Territorial expansion­ - we have set up new sales offices in China and India to help our businesses target these growing markets
  • New products ­- there are opportunities for “near-to-market” product developments which would open up new customers and applications.  This will be achieved through the development of new products such as composite plastic/metal bearings, thinner high strength films, ejection rubbers, new mandrel materials

Acquisitive growth will be of two types:

  • Bolt-on acquisition targets that fit existing operations and that can be integrated with relative ease and minimum disruption
  • Stand alone acquisition targets that will become self standing subsidiaries of the Group
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