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Our Businesses

Our Businesses

The defining characteristics of Plastics Capital’s businesses are:

  • Leaders in their niche industrial markets ­in many cases with no direct or limited competition
  • Long established (25 years or more) with long term customer relationships and high retention rates
  • "Mission critical” to customers with our products frequently representing a low fraction of customers’ costs
  • Highly automated with bespoke manufacturing processes that have been perfected over many years and are hence very difficult to replicate
  • Ripe for further development and exploitation of customer opportunities

Bell Plastics

Bell Plastics

Bell is the global leader in manufacturing highly specialised plastic mandrels used predominantly by the manufacturers of hydraulic and other industrial hoses in their own manufacturing processes.  Hose mandrels are long, high-specification rods around which reinforced industrial rubber hoses are formed and the mandrel a critical consumable in the global rubber hose industry. More...

Bell Plastics Company Website



BNL is a market leading specialist designer and manufacturer of innovative plastic bearings products as well as plastic gears, shafts and bushes.  Using in-house expertise, BNL works in long term partnership with its customers, designing and developing customised solutions for major multi-national OEMs.  These rotating parts are then used by OEMs in their assembled products. More...

BNL Company Website

C&T Matrix

c&t crop

C& T Matrix manufactures creasing matrix, a consumable product which is an integral part of the manufacture of cardboard boxes, cards, point of sale material and the like.  Creasing matrix enables folds to be made in cardboard and facilitates accurate high quality creasing prior to folding, enabling cardboard to be creased automatically and accurately by high speed box making and printing machines. More...

C&T Matrix Company Website


Palagan Limited

Palagan manufactures blown polyethylene films used in high performance industrial packaging.  Palagan focuses on small and medium-sized UK and European customers with bespoke needs in terms of film strength, tear resistance, printing, surface finish and the like. More...

Palagan Company Website


Flexipol Logo

Flexipol is one of the UK's leading innovative packaging manufacturers for plastic films and bags with special features addressing issues such as risk of contamination and cost reduction in the logistics chain.  These products are manufactured by Flexipol on its bespoke machinery which it has developed over a number of years.  More...

Flexipol Company Website


Synpac Logo

Synpac is a specialist manufacturer of bags and pouches made from a range of co-extruded flexible barrier film predominantly for the food industry.  Synpac maintains a market leading position by being the only converter in the UK with sufficient critical mass and manufacturing capacity to deal with both the volume and diversity of product required by its customers.  More...

Synpac Company Website

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