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Plastics Capital was incorporated on 2 December 2002 and has grown through acquisition and organically. Over the last few years, Plastics Capital has established itself as a leading specialist plastics products manufacturer with significant opportunities to grow through further organic and acquisitive means.

The key acquisition events of the Group’s history are as follows:

  • 2002, December - incorporation of Plastics Capital.
  • 2003, January - Plastics Capital acquired 15% of Bell Plastics, a specialist in the manufacturing of highly specialised plastic extrusions and through a management agreement secured effective management control.
  • 2004, November - Plastics Capital acquired the remaining 85% of Bell Plastics.
  • 2005, November - Plastics Capital acquired 80% of Trimplex, a specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix and 100% of BNL, a design and manufacturer of high quality plastic bearing solutions.
  • 2007, April - Plastics Capital acquired Cobb Slater, a plastics bearing manufacturer for technical mouldings and electrical security products.  Cobb Slater was integrated into BNL.
  • 2007, April - Plastics Capital acquired Sabre Plastics, a plastics extrusions business.  Sabre Plastics was absorbed into Trimplex  and subsequently renamed Sabreplas.
  • 2007, August - Plastics Capital acquired 100% of Channel Matrix, another specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix.  Channel Matrix and the matrix part of Trimplex were subsequently merged to create C&T Matrix.
  • 2007, December - Plastics Capital joined AIM and acquired the remaining 20% of Trimplex.
  • 2008, March - Plastics Capital acquired Palagan, the high performance, film-packaging business.
  • 2009, March - Plastics Capital sells Mulberry Plastics (the business formed from the rump of the Trimplex business and Sabreplas).
  • 2014, March - Plastics Capital acquired Beijing Higher Shengli Printing Science and Technology Co.Ltd, another specialist in the manufacture of creasing matrix.
  • 2014, November - Plastics Capital acquired Flexipol Packaging Limited, a specialist manufacturer of high strength films and bags.
  • 2016, July - Plastics Capital acquired Synpac Limited, a specialist manufacturer of of vacuum bags and pouches.
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