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Director / PDMR Shareholdings

 18th May 2009
The Company announced on 23 April 2009 that a number of Directors of the Company had purchased Ordinary Shares of 1 pence each in the Company ("Ordinary Shares"), at a price of 20.2p per Ordinary Share.  Due to an adminisitrative error, the transaction was completed on 18 May 2009.  The share purchases were made at the same price and volume as was previously announced.
Director                     Number of Shares      Number of Shares      % holding following
                               purchased                 held following            transaction
Faisal Rahmatallah    30,000*                    2,675,895                 9.95%
Arun Nagwaney          30,000                     2,072,653                 7.71%
Richard Vessey          30,000                     2,360,537                 8.78%
  * The shares attributed to Faisal Rahmatallah were purchased by Nicolino Assets Holdings, a company owned by a blind
discretionary trust of which he is a beneficiary
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