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Director/PDMR Shareholdings

 23rd Apr 2009

The Company has been notified that on 23 April 2009 the following Directors purchased the Ordinary Shares of 1 pence
each in the Company ("Ordinary Shares"), at a price of 20.2p per Ordinary Share:
Director                     Number of Shares      Number of Shares      % holding following
                               purchased                 held following            transaction
Faisal Rahmatallah    30,000*                    2,675,895                 9.95%
Arun Nagwaney          30,000                     2,072,653                 7.71%
Richard Vessey          30,000                     2,360,537                 8.78%
  * The shares attributed to Faisal Rahmatallah were purchased by Nicolino Assets Holdings, a company owned by a blind
discretionary trust of which he is a beneficiary.

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