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Scrip Dividend Reference Price

 11th Aug 2016

Plastics Capital (AIM: PLA), the niche plastics products group, announces that the scrip dividend reference price for the ordinary shares to be issued to shareholders electing to receive the scrip dividend alternative for the Company’s final dividend of 2.94p per share will be 106.5p per share.

The scrip reference price was calculated as the average of the Company’s closing middle market price, as derived from the London Stock Exchange’s Daily Official List, for the five consecutive business days commencing on the ex-dividend date, being 4 August 2016.

The timetable for the scrip-dividend alternative is as follows:

22 August 2016


Final date for receipt of scrip dividend election forms and CREST dividend election input messages


7 September 2016


Allotment of new shares to certificated and CREST shareholders, admission to trading on AIM

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